More evidence: DC hears Utah message Of Interest May 16, 2004 Evidence Utah's message to DC heard subtitle

A fundraising letter from Craig:

Dear Supporter,

Last week, I was talking to the legislative assistant in charge of the immigration issue for a member of Congress when she inadvertently made a comment that demonstrates the positive impact the Cannon-Throckmorton primary race in Utah is already having back in Washington.

Her comment should put a smile on the face of every American concerned about immigration who reads this email (click here to forward a smile), and give a sense of accomplishment to those who provide us with crucial financial support.

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While discussing the obstacles on Capitol Hill facing good legislation, the staffer said that many members of Congress feel the political downside they face for supporting bad legislation isn't severe enough yet to counter the influence of the special interest lobbyists.

Then she added, to my surprise, "Except for that whole thing with Cannon out in Utah. (I should point out that this staffer was unaware of the connection between me, ProjectUSA, and our work in Utah).

At face value, her comment means that the severe setback that hopeless underdog Matt Throckmorton handed invulnerable incumbent Chris Cannon by forcing him into a primary on $11,000 has been noticed where it counts. And noticed, too, is the fact that Cannon's awful immigration voting record was the cause of his embarrassing failure.

The credit for the important message Utah sent Washington on May 8 goes to Utah: first, to the voters in Utah who were able to see through the establishment bias and big corporate money backing Cannon and, second, to the Throckmorton campaign, which was able to provide an honest alternative on $11,000.

Two outside organizations played a role by helping drag the immigration issue into the center of public debate in Utah: the Coalition for the Future American Worker and ProjectUSA.

I'm proud of whatever positive impact ProjectUSA's efforts might have had on voter awareness in Utah, and so I'd like to do something I don't do enough: say thank you to our financial supporters for the part they played in sending an important message to Washington.

In any case, it's back to work. The effort in Utah is far from over, of course, so let's see whether we can help put a few exclamation points on Utah's message. Click to make a difference.

Craig Nelsen