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Immigration campaign expands to Kansas
Issue 168: October 8, 2003


Constituents of Arizona Representative Jim Kolbe, upset at his amnesty bill, dumped bags of illegal alien trash, collected at illegal border crossings, in front of his office last week.

Petition to claim responsibility for depositing this trash: click

ProjectUSA has expanded its innovative new campaign to target nine Congressional districts for a major immigration-awareness effort to the third Congressional district.

The Washington, D.C.-based immigration watchdog group launched its voter survey and education campaign in Congressional District Three of Kansas with a mailing of one thousand surveys to registered voters. If record-breaking fund-raising continues, ProjectUSA will mail surveys to every voter in the district by the 2004 elections.

The survey includes facts about immigration, and questions about the voter's views on both the issue and their representative's immigration voting record.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly supportive of a more modern and moderate immigration policy, and strongly opposed to the anti-borders voting record of Congressman Dennis Moore, who receives a grade of D+ from Americans for Better Immigration.

If early reactions to ProjectUSA's efforts are any indication, the strategy to select nine districts and make immigration an issue in them is promising. In the two Arizona districts ProjectUSA has already targeted, represented by Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake, efforts at bringing public scrutiny to the Kolbe-Flake-McCain amnesty proposal has helped make it likely that their amnesty-for-fifteen-hundred-dollars is "dead in the water."

As ProjectUSA's efforts continue to make immigration a major issue in these and the other targeted districts, irresponsible and reckless legislators will pay the price at the polls for disregarding the will of the American people.

Those who support common-sense immigration policies -- policies that put the good of the average American first -- will recognize ProjectUSA's targeted campaign as both promising and overdue. If it turns out that several Congressional races are decided on the issue of immigration, it will send a shockwave through Washington D.C.-- all the way up to the Oval Office.
Guest worker bill is not just about amnesty for illegal immigrants (Navarrette on ProjectUSA's efforts in Arizona)

Congressman Dennis Moore's (KS-03) voting record and grade (Americans for Better Immigration)

The ProjectUSA voter survey (KS-03)

More on the Arizona Amnesty Atrocity (Francis/VDARE)


Arizona Representatives Jeff Flake and Jim Kolbe and Arizona Senator John McCain made a mistake. These lawmakers introduced unpopular immigration legislation that only benefits special interest groups seeking higher and more extreme levels of immigration to meet their own selfish needs.

And they know it.

This morning, we received a call from CNN looking for guests who would go on television and publicly support any of the various amnesty proposals that have been introduced in Congress this year. The CNN program was having no problem finding guests to oppose the various amnesty bills, but they were having a very difficult time finding someone to support the amnesties.

Laughably, none of the original sponsors of any of the three major amnesty bills would go on CNN to defend their own bills.

How pathetic is that?

The list of politicians who have introduced amnesty bills, but who refused this morning to go on CNN and defend them, includes: Representatives Jeff Flake (AZ), Jim Kolbe (AZ), Chris Cannon (UT), and Howard Berman (CA), and Senators Larry Craig (ID), John Cornyn (TX), John McCain (AZ), and Ted Kennedy (MA).

All but two (Berman and Kennedy) are Republicans -- the party of greed and corporate special interests.

Please call the Arizona politicians' offices and say:

"I am a concerned American outraged that you have introduced a massive amnesty bill that is bad for America and counter to the will of the American people.

"And don't try to tell me that your bill is a "guest worker" bill and not an amnesty. Any bill that allows illegal aliens to gain legal status without first having to return home and apply to enter the United States legally -- like everyone else -- is an amnesty.

"I am particularly disgusted that you would introduce a bill that you won't even publicly defend on CNN.

"I am also tired of irresponsible politicians catering to special interests who stand to gain either financially of politically by tearing down our nation's borders.

"Next time, if you want to craft a decent bill that addresses the concerns of the American people, why don't you give those, like ProjectUSA, who are acting in the interests of the American people, a seat at the table? The government of Mexico, ethnic identity power groups and, especially, selfish corporate interests do not care about the good of the American people, and they should be left out of the discussion."

Senator John McCain
(202) 224-2235

Congressman Jeff Flake
(202) 225-2635

Congressman Jim Kolbe
(202) 225-2542


"The president was enthusiastic about the bill. He is supportive and told us to take the legislation up with his staff."

Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona, referring to his recent amnesty-for-fifteen-hundred-dollars bill, which would reward millions of illegal aliens with legal status.


I have just returned from a two-week tour of several of the western states. I spoke with many of the border patrol personnel in California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. They need our help and encouragement!

All of the Caucasian and many of the Latino border guards were for stricter control of the border. But they are between a rock and a hard place.

Their bosses do not support them with enough personnel or equipment. Some are even reprimanded if they appear to be doing too good a job.

If you get the chance, tell the guards that you support and appreciate what they are doing. Also, contact your representatives and let them know that you expect them to stop this immigration invasion or lose their positions next election!

Adam Freeman-Croft
Rocky Face, GA

ProjectUSA comment: Yes, support our border guards and immigration law enforcement officers. Here is one way: Congressman Tom Tancredo is sponsoring the first annual Kris Eggle Award dinner in Washington, DC on October 19, to honor heroes in border enforcement, and you are invited. For details:

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Please go to the following link to read about a special effort in California for citizen activism. A dedicated activist in the once-Golden State has set up a clever, effective, and easy way for the average citizen to help get our country back.

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